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When I first moved to Maine, and while at a public event at the local port, I was asked “Do you live heeyah, now?” I said “Why, yes,” as I live in the next town over, about 4 miles away from the spot where I was standing, and I’m proud to be a resident, no longer just a visitor.  “Whey-ah?” came the follow-up question.   In hindsight, that probably meant “point to your living room window from heeyah” because when I told the asker where I live the ambient temperature suddenly dropped by 10 degrees, everyone within earshot dropped their drink glasses and the collective gasp was heard all the way over in New Hampshire.  The asker then promptly said while looking down her nose “Oh, NOT heeyah,” turned on her heel and walked off in a huff.   I now know that “here” means “right where I’m standing.”  Silly me.

So I take that little vignette to mean that conversation here is very literal, and anything else is considered an out and out lie and by extension, very rude.  Unless you are talking about the weather, of course.

This does not bode well for someone who comes from a family with an entire scale of exaggeration named after it, does it?



On the street where I live....
On the street where I live….


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