My first year in Maine I was forced to return to California for business in early February. Since long term airport parking for 2 weeks was actually cheaper than cabbing it to the airport, I chose to leave my car at the indoor long-term lot while I was gone.

Flash forward to the day after Valentine’s Day, 2 weeks later. I returned from California to my trusty Subaru in its spot on the 3rd floor of the indoor lot (did I mention that this lot is indoors?) at the airport and this is what I found:


Sometimes, it snows indoors......

Sometimes, it snows indoors......

Yes, my car was covered in snow. You will note that the part of the car that is covered with snow is not the part facing the window. The snow-covered part of the car, the rear, was on the aisle side! And by the way, in case you think that the opposite side windows were right behind me letting snow in, there were 6 aisles of cars between where I was standing taking the shot and the other side of the garage behind me, the equivalent of 2 full city blocks away. The drive between the aisles had actually been plowed (yes, plowed – with a truck, not blown with a blower) leaving mounds of snow at the ends of each aisle. The bottom of the ramp tower, a spiral car ramp housed in its own tower which was completely closed off to the outside, also had a big pile of unsullied snow on the floor at the bottom.

I’m thankful that I had the presence of mind to at least take this photo. Because I’m pretty sure that although you will all turn out to be very loyal readers who will return to this site daily and leave all sorts of clever comments – daily, I know that I’m still new to some of you, and you wouldn’t have believed me. Those of you who know me and my family’s own named-after-it scale of exaggeration, definitely wouldn’t have believed me.

As an added bonus to the big pile of snow between me and the driver’s seat, my car was completely out of juice because some nimrod had left the dome light on (now who would do that?). I was able, with the last few ounces of power left in my less than trusty cell phone, to call AAA for a jump – which it took them well over an hour to deliver. Since my flight was the last arrival before the airport closed for the night and the sidewalks were rolled in, there were no Samaritans around to help (all Mainers are good Samaritans – I think it’s genetic. Had there been anyone around at all I not only would have been given a jump but a full tune up and a lube too, no doubt!).

By now I was freezing my toes off, because although I had left my parka in the car when I left on my trip, I was dressed for California winter weather (75 – 95 degrees) and not wearing any long underwear, heavy clothing or appropriate foot gear (like socks!). As you can see by the trampled (all by me) snow next to the driver’s side door, I did a lot of trekking back and forth in said snow trying to keep warm and get the blasted car – and heat – going…to no avail, leaving me still freezing cold but with the added benefit of soaking wet feet. The delightful “breeze” (as they call it here) coming through the open window was, well, less than delightful. Luckily the AAA guy showed up before I needed an ambulance so all was well and luckily I got to keep all of my toes. I wasn’t thinking too clearly by time he arrived but was compus mentus enough to ask how it is possible that cars can get covered in snow from the inside side of an indoor garage…

And the reply was, of course:  “It snowed.” Silly me.