Today I’m celebrating arriving at the big ol’ round number of 500.  500 what you may ask? 500 non-automated hits (actual viewings) on my blog! I have no idea if that is good or bad in the scheme of things because I have no idea what the scheme of things is.  

Hmm, you can probably tell by that last sentence that I wasn’t an English major in college, but this is Onlyinmaineland, and I’m writing in Onlyinmainelandese. Since I don’t see any nuns walking around with rulers, I figure I can get away with ending as many sentences with prepositions as I care to.

Since I’m so busy celebrating, I really have no time to post. I’m attending a giant party (in my head) where the missing marching band, ticker tape parade and Miss America waving from the back of the pink convertible from Tuesday’s post all showed up to celebrate ME!

Sorry, Rochelle, guess you weren’t enough of a draw.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow!