A friend of mine asked if she could put in a request for a post on a particular subject. Are you kidding me? Would I be amenable to having the dreaded burden of coming up with a topic taken off of my shoulders???? I most certainly would. I am more than happy to take requests so please feel free to suggest any topic you like. Whether or not I actually write a post on the subject you suggest will, of course, be entirely up to me. Because I am the Queen of Onlyinmainelandia, and my word is law.

So what was my friend’s topic suggestion? I copy it here:

“So do you take blog requests? In Maine, are you living in an igloo or what? When it snows 3 feet, does your electric go out and you have to rely on your wits and a good woodstove? Lets hear how the mainlanders survive like the pilgrims!”

Yes, my friend, I do live in an igloo….




If only it would just snow only 3 feet, there wouldn’t be any problem. The electric does go out every so often due to,,,,,”1 to 3 inches of snow,” and I do have to rely on my wits. Luckily I am a very witty person. 

I have no woodstove, but a very nice fireplace which I use to heat the house and I cook in it as well when the power goes out. Mostly I run over to my neighbor’s house and they feed me and keep me warm with their woodstove. I have very lovely neighbors. I like them a lot.

By “mainlanders” I assume you mean “Mainers.” How do they survive? A Mainer’s answer would be “How do we survive what? A little snow?” 

Just another day to a true Mainer. To illustrate, whenever there is a storm bad enough to knock out power, shelters are opened all over but they usually remain empty, perhaps a couple of nonagenarians (that’s people in their nineties, Erwin) if the power outage is long enough. Because no matter how much denial there is about the winter weather, a lot of houses have either a generator or a woodstove or both. And Mainers are neighborly. They check on each other and help each other out. Very few people have to avail themselves of their local shelter.

The snow does not bring us hardship. It brings business (skiers and winter recreation, etc.) and work (plowing, roof sweeping, road and drive sanding, shovelling jobs, etc.). BRING IT!

I like this topic suggestion thing, and may make it a regular Sunday feature. What do you think? Let me know, leave me a comment here!