World Nutella Day 2009

Yes folks, today is World Nutella Day. Today, Thursday, February 5 that is, not the 6th which I’m sure is what the date over this post will read. Because the blog’s clock is, for some reason, set at Greenwich Mean Time. So on this blog today is tomorrow. This means that according to this blog yesterday was World Nutella Day. It’s like being in a time machine isn’t it? Except without those ridiculous batwing DeLorean doors…..

This event was invented by Sara, a very clever Italian-American lady who lives in Milan and blogs at Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy, one of my favorite blogs. She co-hosts this event with Michelle, another very clever Italian-American lady who lives in Calabria and blogs at Bleeding Espresso, another one of my very favorite blogs. They even have a special World Nutella Day site.

Their third partner in crime, an American who lived in Rome just 3 blocks from where I grew up, Shelley, who blogged at At Home in Rome is unfortunately banned from co-hosting this year by virtue of the fact that she no longer blogs, although her blog archives are still there for some very entertaining reading. Shelley’s was my absolute favorite blog of all time, probably having nothing to do with the fact that she was re-living my young life in Italy and describing it better than I ever could. Nothing at all. Shelley is missed. We’ll say no more.

All three of these excellent blogs plus the WND site are listed in my blogroll under Expats in Italy somewhere to the left here.

OK, enough with the introductions already. If you have clicked any of the first 3 links you will already know more about World Nutella Day than I can possibly add here. If not, don’t worry, shoot over there later. You are here now, so stick with me.

Nutella is to me what PB&J is to most of you – a real comfort food memory. Of childhood breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and stolen spoonfuls. For the unfortunate uninitiated, Nutella is a spread made from hazelnuts and chocolate, resulting in a smooth, glossy chocolate-y spread. My favorite way to eat it was spread on a “rosetta,*” To me, there is nothing like Nutella spread on a fresh rosetta for hitting just the right spot, no matter the occasion.

* The nearest description in English for a “rosetta” is that it is a crusty Italian dinner roll used in Italy as the basic bread of choice for tables everywhere (anyway in my experience), so named because the top resembles (in a Picasso world) a rose….. 

OK, so, spoonfuls of Nutella, Nutella on a rosetta, yada yada yada, that’s it right? Big fat “NOT!” Just when you would think that that’s all there is to Nutella, thanks to Sara and Co and their dear loyal readers, THERE’S MORE! World Nutella Day is about celebrating Nutella (I’m all for that!) and also using it in a recipe. So by Monday, February 9, when they post the roundup of entries, there will be a whole slew of new Nutella recipes to try, with pictures, yet! Men have porn, I have Nutella. I LIVE FOR THIS!

I have to go now, there’s a spoon out there with my name on it…………