It has been awhile since I’ve posted something that is uniquely Maine and not having to do with winter which we are all sick of anyway. Besides, we are having a one-day record breaking heat wave – highs of 45 today. I’m shfitzing*, I tell you. 

*For those of you not from New York or Eastern Europe, that means “sweating like a pig” in Yiddish. OK, not like a pig, but you get the idea.

So here’s a photo I’ve been saving up for just this occasion.


No parking here.

No Parking - Any Time

I’m not going to have a contest for it, there’s no need, the photo speaks for itself. I’d leave it at that and end here but who can resist?

The roadside pond that this sign is in was frozen solid, even though it was fall and temperatures were in the fifties and hadn’t reached freezing yet. I cannot explain this but I do have two witnesses one of which is my nephew who snapped this photo for me with my camera because I just couldn’t seem to frame the shot so that it made sense. I guess he couldn’t either because I’m pretty sure it still doesn’t make any sense. Are they worried that the U.S.S. George Herbert Walker Bush is going to pull in here and park overnight? Actually, that would worry me too.

I did notice, when I moved here, that parking signs abound. There are very few street signs here, in a place where streets have different names for every block – but there is a parking sign every few feet. Sometimes they are made of paper and are stapled to trees. For real. Official city signs. I don’t have a photo of that handy so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Now if this were Italy, where I lived for 20 years, I’d assume that the mayor’s brother-in-law had a sign company, but this is Maine and we don’t do things that way. We just want to make sure you know exactly where to park, for how long and also where not to park, any time. And in case you are still not sure, we will waive your first parking ticket every 6 months.

So in case you pull in here, next to our newest aircraft carrier, you’ll still get a bye!