My boy Rocky (you met him in my first post) isn’t much for making doggie friends. He was adopted from a shelter (shh, he doesn’t know, he thinks I gave birth…..) when he was already fully grown so I don’t know much about his past. I think he never really learned proper dog manners as most of his problems with other dogs seem to stem from miscommunication.

All my neighbors have dogs and I was hoping when we moved here that he would make some friends among them. It was not to be. He didn’t like any of them, some he downright hates.

It is said that if a dog is removed from its mother too early, it can fail to learn the necessary communication skills to get along in a dog world. I think that is indeed what happend to Rocky. He was removed too early, but to what I didn’t know. Where was he raised? It was a mystery to me.

Imagine my surprise to learn that he was raised in a manger……..

"Are you my mother?"

"Are you my mother?"

So his first friend in Maine isn’t a dog. Things never go like you imagine they will with your children, do they?