I will give credit where credit is due (most of the time), the photo and inspiration for today’s post came from one of my oldest and dearest friends. We share a similar sense of humor.

The following is from an elementary school yearbook, a sort of coffee table style compendium with photos of each child opposite the “biographical information” page (can you spell “cute kids = fundraising?”).  This school is not, I might add, in Maine. Each child wrote their own answers to the questions posed. The author of this precious piece is only ten years old. The name has been altered to protect the precocious innocent that wrote this from the undoubted flood of job offers that would otherwise be sure to follow.

From the mouths of babes:

Wanted: Part-Time Burger Flipper at McDonalds

Wanted: Part-Time Burger Flipper at McDonald's

This is one of those rare instances that I’m not going to spoil the image by adding a lot of useless post-photo comments. I think the photo speaks for itself, and the future of America.

Burgers anyone?