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In my humble opinion, the difference in the politics of 2001 and the politics of 2009 is this: 

When the democrats lost the White House to George W. Bush they knew he would fail but hoped he would succeed.

Now that democrats are in the White House, the most outspoken members of today’s republican party hope that Obama will fail even though they are afraid he will succeed.

Doesn’t anyone see that hoping for the President’s failure is hoping that America and all of her citizens find no economic recovery? That millions of Americans, republicans and democrats alike, will suffer lack of employment, health care, and city and state services, like fire and police protection, just to name a few? That cities and states will fail, causing greater unemployment and resulting unrest? Are they looking for armageddon? What kind of people wish for this? This is not patriotism.

How vulnerable to, say, terrorism, is a country that can’t feed its people and has no one left to defend it?

One child was suspended from school 8 years ago for wearing a “No Bush” tee shirt to school. What fate should Rush Limbaugh and Bobby Jindal suffer?

After 9/11 we were all called upon to get behind the President on his “war on terrorism.” Is it not time to get behind this President in his attack on the economic failure left behind by the last administration no matter what your politics?

How is it possible to blame the current administration for being unable to fix, in 6 short weeks, an unsolvable problem that took 28 years to create?


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